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Chairman quits over fake all-10 report

A VILLAGE club chairman has resigned in protest at what he described as a lack of action against the captain after a fake match report in Cambridgeshire had been published claiming a bowler had taken all 10 wickets in a match, one more than the nine he actually took.

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Bill Anderson was furious that Wimblington opted only for a verbal caution against the bowler and a written reprimand to the captain after a scorecard was submitted to the press purporting to show the young Sri Lankan bowler Ahmed Anver had bagged all 10, the Wisbech Standard reported.

Just days after the result was published proclaiming Anver as a sensation the truth emerged that the visiting Fenstanton had only fielded 10 players. "It was a blatant lie," said Anderson, who felt the club committee's reaction to be less than adequate once the circumstances were revealed.

Richard Corbert, secretary of Fenstanton, who played in the game, said he was mystified why the Wimblington players had pretended to have taken all 10 wickets. He said he was surprised to discover that a "T Mason" had been added to the team sheet in the number 11 spot. "I have been involved with Fenstanton for many years and we don't have a T Mason, indeed have never had a T Mason play for us," he said.

Wimblington won by 109 runs. Anderson moved to March Cricket Club, coaching juniors and offering his services to other clubs as a coach. "I am not going to take up a chairmanship again," he said.

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30/07/2008 12:51:11
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