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Valley End aiming higher than village

VALLEY END have confirmed they will not be defending their Npower National Village Cup title this summer.

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The ambitious Surrey Championship club, with big plans for the future, say they are intending to hire a professional player this year, which would render them ineligible for the village competition. They beat Woodhouse Grange, from York, in the final at Lord's last year.  The club has already started building two new grounds adjacent to their existing venue near Chobham. The new rules of the village competition have reduced entries from more than 450 to about 260 for 2009.

Posted by Charlie Randall
22/03/2009 18:14:14
To judge from the greatly reduced number of entries for this year's competition, Valley End are only one of many that will not be playing this year, thanks to the introduction of Rule9(iii).
In another string, I asked if Wisden would let us know how many clubswere in favour of this new rule after circulation of their questionairre. I ask the question again-not a lot more than half of last year's teams have re-entered.
It certainly appears that the "guts" have been knocked out of this fine competition by this tinkering.
Overseas players are already disbarred from playing, so banning teams, and it appears that there are quite a number of them, that use such a player, seems illogical.
Most teams, and I understand that the holders are one, do not hire a "professional" player per se, but do assist with air fares for overseas, a situation which now renders them ineligible.
Posted by leonard
31/03/2009 12:55:48
From Valley End CC.
It’s very unfortunate that the people entrusted with overseeing the National Village Cup have such a limited knowledge and experience of club cricket. Their rule changes have seriously jeopardised the medium term future of the competition. In our particular instance we have withdrawn as under the rule changes we cannot reimburse an overseas player for his reasonable travel expenses, and that’s what we are going to do, as we and many others have done in the past. This would include most of the other recent winners of the Village Cup. We have not employed a professional cricketer. We have never and will not do so in the current season pay anyone for playing cricket. We have always been an amateur club, and have no intention of changing this status. I agree with “Leonard” in his comments about how this worthy competition is now being handled, and share his worries about how these bungled rule changes have halved this year’s entry. A large number of clubs have declined to enter having carefully read the new rules but even a cursory glance at the remaining clubs suggests that there are severely who do not qualify. I wonder what the organisers will do?
Posted by Donald kingsnorth
22/04/2009 22:16:10
I fail to see how a team who pays someone to fly 10,000 miles to play cricket for the them can be described as wholly amateur. However it is common practice, maybe the sensible option would have been to allow these clubs to still enter with the overseas players remaining ineligible, along with a tightening of the rules regarding players from other clubs guesting.

Personally I'm not fussed whether they allow overseas players in or not, but whichever way the rules go from year to year they should be adhered to.

Like Mr Kingsnorth, having scanned the draw I can see a huge number of ineligible clubs, will be interesting to see if they take part.
Posted by Huw
23/04/2009 13:59:39
Now the county semi-finals, scanning the draw there are numerous clubs with overseas players or a professional 1st class player in their ranks. Is this not professional status for these clubs?
Posted by cricket librarian
30/05/2009 11:10:18
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