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Thieves dig holes in Orsett pitches

THE Essex club Orsett has had its pitches spoilt by holes dug with garden tools probably stolen from a nearby school shed, the Thurrock Gazette has reported.

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Vandals caused more than 2,000 of damage, digging 14 areas of the cricket square during the night when a break-in was reported by the next-door Orsett Church of England Primary School - which is next door to the cricket pitch.

Vice-chairman of the Orsett club, Graham Tidman, said: "We are all very upset about this. It's going to cost a lot of money to put it right. Every single one of the strips on the square has been damaged -- it's mindless. We have up to 70 kids down here each Friday night, and we usually have games Saturday and Sunday.

Thurrock police confirmed the break-in at the school and added: "A fork and a spade were stolen and a trail was discovered to the cricket pitch. The turf was dug up. A considerable amount of damage has been caused and we need the public's help to identify those responsible."

Posted by Charlie Randall
24/06/2010 10:41:48
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