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Woolmer police had no choice

A LINE was drawn under the Bob Woolmer case by Lucius Thomas, commissioner of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, in Kingston at 11am Jamaica time. The Englishman had not been strangled or poisoned in his room at the Pegasus Hotel on March 18; he died of natural causes, presumably heart failure.

When the terrible news of Woolmer’s death first broke, a few pundits, including Mark Nicholas, urged the World Cup to be called off after such a crime. Imagine the tournament being abandoned. Now the cry would go up: “OK, chaps, everybody back.” 

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The misery caused by the incompetent pathologist in Kingston knows no bounds. One has to feel sympathy for the police. They had no choice; they simply had to follow up a report assuming murder by strangulation. Few facts seemed to fit, and there was no motive, unless one could be invented.

Commissioner Thomas said today the police had undertaken a “thoroughly professional investigation where nothing was left to chance”, and he concluded: “Neither the ICC nor the Jamaica Constabulary Force have found any evidence of any impropriety by players, match officials nor management during the investigation of Woolmer's death.”

Mark Shields, the deputy commissioner leading the investigation, said: “This was an extraordinary case. All we could do was look at what we had and seek help from elsewhere, which is what we did. Murder investigations are not like TV series, where everything is wrapped up in 45 minutes. All we could do was conduct a thorough investigation and not rush.”
Detectives from Scotland Yard and Pakistan were brought in to review the investigation, according to the police. They interviewed nearly 400 people and took almost 250 statements. All for nothing, as it turned out.

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